Manitoulin Island - Ontario


Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 18:20:17 -0500
Subject: Similar Physical Landing Traces
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Dear Errol and Listeners,

In June 1991, I investigated a physical trace case near Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island which was discovered in mid-September 1990. Two doughnut-shaped "indentations" or areas where the gravel was blown away, each measuring 9 feet across, side by side (about 16 feet from center to center)... on a bed of limestone covered by a 3/4 inch layer of gravel.

Copyright - 1991 -Michel Deschamps

Copyright - 1991 - Michel Deschamps

Well, in the November issue of the UFO Newsclipping Service I received a few days ago, there is a photo of a similar 'circle'... complete with gravel mound in the middle... discovered in Denver, North Carolina, on August 29th.

The only diferences are that it measured 8 feet in diameter and was made on dirt, not on a rocky surface.

I showed the photos to a few people at work and one guy was impressed at the similarity of the traces.

Would be an interesting topic of discussion.